frequently asked questions

For Events

1. What are your vendor and insurance requirements?

Insurance in the amount of 1MM is required for all events, provided 30 days prior with the following listed on the policy. Chateau/Castle Noland 6445 Monte Road San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

2. Do you provide recommendations on vendors?

Yes. We have a list of trusted and phenomenal vendors we work with often who provide our clients with lifetime experiences. Our clients are welcome to bring their own vendors if they prefer.

3. Do you offer year round events?

Yes, the temporal Central Coast climate offers lovely year round outdoor events at our estate.

Vacation Rentals

1. How many guests can you accommodate for an overnight stay?

We can accommodate up to 18 guests throughout our estate including The Castle and Pied-a-Terre Cottages.

2. How do I book a vacation rental at Chateau Noland?

You are welcome to fill out the inquiry form here to reserve a vacation rental.

3. What activities do you recommend locally?

San Luis Obispo County has an endless amount of places to eat, play, and enjoy. Whether you want to tour wine country, enjoy a day at the beach, or explore one of our nearby hiking trails, there’s an activity for every and all ages. Feel free to visit our Local Activities page to gain inspiration!

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